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From our office in Cape Canaveral past the Pier, Minutemen down past S. 16th Street and Taco City, we understand our local area and the impact of not only hurricanes but, our normal severe thunderstorms and the importance of a well built roof in order to last in our double coastal town.


Whether you are riverside or beachside in Cocoa Beach, J&J; Roofing Solutions is just down the road! We are your metal roofing contractors; we can tear off and replace shingles or convert a shingle roof to a metal roof. We offer free quotes and educate so you know what to look for when shopping around. We don’t send people door to door who have never spent an entire day on a roof. Our experienced roofing supervisor meets with you and gives an expert quote there on the spot, no waiting to take it back to the office.

Cocoa Beach Roof Replacement

If you are in need of a roof replacement, we offer competitive pricing, hurricane code roof installations & free quotes. We can give you options on your roof replacement from tearing off and replacing shingles, converting a shingle roof to metal roof or completely replace a metal roof. Fill out our contact form anytime day or night to send us an email and we will get back to you soon!

Metal Roofing

Whether you already have a metal roof of are interested in converting your roof from shingles to metal, J&J; Roofing Solutions can make your metal roof installation a breeze. We offer a free quote and take the time to meet with you and discuss your options. Metal roofing lasts 50+ years and keeps your Florida home cooler. It has maximum wind resistance; it is lightweight and environmentally friendly! If you are going green with your home, don’t forget one of the largest surface areas of your home, your roof!

We are local, love our community and build our roofs to last. Call for a free quote. 321-917-6763